MICROLOT: Guatemala La Esperanza

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Tasting Notes

Green apple, riesling acidity, complex, apricot, juicy.


Country: Guatemala

Altitude: 1,750m

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Cupping Score: 87

Huehuetenango is probably the most famous region in Guatemala and has the highest altitudes in the country, getting as high as 2,000 meters. With their crisp malic  and citrus acidity, full body, and toffee sweetness characteristics, these coffees tend to be the most fruit-forward and complex of what Guatemala has to offer.

Francisco Morales Carrillo owns 19-Manzana farm La Esperanza, which has coffee planted on 93 percent of its land. Francisco grows several varieties of coffee, including Pache, San Ramon and Bourbon among others. After the coffee is harvested, it is sorted and depulped the same day, then dry fermented for about 24 hours. Once it has been fermented, it’s washed three times, until the mucilage is fully removed, and then the coffee is dried on concrete patios for 3–6 days.