Wholesale Coffee

Good, honest-to-God wholesale means two things to Quinnies Coffee Co. Bang for your precious buck and the unwavering top quality of your bean and machine.

We are a team of passionate specialists who provide world-class coffee machinery and attention-to-detail customer service.

You need someone who knows coffee inside and out, upside down, through and through. Someone who’s coffee insight offers tangible value to your business. Who’s trustworthy, efficient and easy to work with. You need Quinnies Coffee Co.

We work exclusively with Veneziano Coffee Roasters in sourcing specialty-grade coffee. The life of a bean begins in cultivated farm lots, managed by Veneziano’s small dedicated team of green bean buyers. All buyers are accredited Q-Graders and each specialise in specific origins.

Veneziano is coffee with a heart - which means the relationship with the local community is at the centre of what the team does.

Getting the best from the bean is a fine art. Expert roasters use a fully-customed Diedrich roasting system combined with the technology of a Cropster to ensure every roast is up to exacting standards. It makes all the difference dealing with hospitality experts.

Quinnies Coffee Co also offer a 24/7 guaranteed servicing with our expert support team, day or night, so you’ll never miss a beat. Our expert support team will come to you and will ensure everything runs as smoothly as silken milk, as fast as humanly possible.

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