MICROLOT: Rwanda Nyarenko (Espresso Roast)

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Tasting Notes

Orange blossom, rooibos, coconut, yellow fruit.


Country: Rwanda

Altitude: 1,700 – 1,900m

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon & Typica

Cupping Score: 87

Located in the most south western Rusizi region of Rwanda, Nyakarenko washing station is located close to the Cyamudongo highland forest. The area surrounding the washing station has an average elevation of around 1,900 metres above sea level providing producers with superb growing conditions.

While these producers are located at a relatively high elevation, the washing station lies a lot lower. This not only makes it easier for producers to deliver their daily cherry (being downhill!) but places the station closer to a water source for processing and provides much more favourable conditions for drying.

Since the drying capacity of Nyakarenko is very limited, the production of specialty coffee has been at the centre of their efforts. The washing station managers place great focus on selection of cherry, incentivising farmers with payment in line with the quality of cherry delivered.