Christmas Blend Limited Edition

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Tasting Notes

Grandma's Christmas pudding


The memories of sitting around the Christmas table with family will come flooding back with our limited edition Christmas Blend.

Colombia Vista Hermosa 50% Cupping Score 86







Vista Hermosa is the farm of 45-year old coffee producer, Editmet who was born and raised in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. He lives on the farm with his wife and four kids. Coffee is his only income source and he has been exposed to the plantations since he was a baby. He worked as a bus driver and a picker and with his savings was able to purchase this farm after years of hard work. He employs a total of eight workers during harvest.

Honey process coffees are still somewhat uncommon in Colombia. With the help of Sweet Latitude Specialty Coffee and the slightly higher temperature of Sierra Nevada, Editmet has managed to produce a very delicate and complex coffee.

Ethiopia Uraga Tome 50% Cupping Score 87.5


Mixed Heirloom


2,100 - 2,300m



Located at the Northern end of the famous Guji zone, Uraga has some of the highest coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. This is a great example of a naturally processed Ethiopian, with notes of strawberry jam, lavender and stewed plum.