Our Coffee

Welcome to Quinnies Coffee Co, we are the exclusive Veneziano Distributors for the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region. We are located at 1/28 Newton Street, Broadmeadow, NSW, 2292.

Our range of coffee from Veneziano includes:


Our Forza specialty blend is recommended for milk based coffees. A dark roast, it’s full bodied and our strongest blend, designed to cut through milk. Of course it can also be enjoyed black, however we warn you it’s strong. It’s our most popular blend and has won numerous awards. It contains robusta from Sethuraman Estate, one of the best in the world.

Tasting Notes
Intense creamy body. Low acidity. Dark chocolate, almonds and caramel. Brilliant milk based drink.

Bond Street Seasonal - 2017 First Release:

It’s time for the first Bond St. release of the new year! We’re excited to introduce a delicious freshly arrived Rwandan selected during Jade Jennings’ recent trip to Rwanda to source her competition coffees.

40% Brazil Irmas Pereira

Processing: Pulped Natural

Varietal: Bourbon, Acaiá, Mundo Novo, Catuaí and Catucaí

Altitude: 1,300m

Cupping Score: 85

From the farmed Carmo de Minas growing region the Pereira family have been producing incredible coffee for many years, placing previously in Cup of Excellence. This coffee was chosen for its jammy body, and clean, complex stonefruit notes.

30% Rwanda Kilimbi

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1,550-1,800m

Cupping Score: 86

This coffee was sourced from the Kilimbi washing station located on the shores of Lake Kivu during our recent trip to Rwanda. Juicy raspberry acidity, apricot, and brown sugar are the name of the game here.

30% Ethiopia Wonberta

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Mixed Heirloom Varietals

Altitude: 1,700-1,900m

Cupping Score: 86

From the fertile soils around the Wonberta mill in Kercha, South Oromia. This is a great example of a naturally processed Ethiopian, with notes of strawberry jam, jasmine and honey.

Tasting Notes
Apricot jam, creamy mouthfeel, raspberry acidity, Baker’s chocolate finish. Moves into floral honey, vanilla and milk chocolate.


An intricate, complex coffee blend designed for milk and as a straight black. It is medium strength, milder than Forza, yet stronger than Bella. Often described as the famous Swiss triangular chocolate, Toblerone.

Tasting Notes
Velvety body. Milk chocolate, toasted cashews, sweet spice, lingering honey finish. Great all rounder, superb with milk.


Bella is a beautiful, smooth coffee enjoyed by those who prefer a mellow, balanced style with a long finish. It is versatile, drinking well in milk as well as black.

Tasting Notes
Silky mouthfeel, balanced green apple acidity. Strawberry, nectarine and blackberry. Enjoyed with milk or sublime as black.


Australian Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers Association (Processor ID: 11284P) guarantees no chemicals or pesticides were used in growing, processing or roasting. The Fairtrade label guarantees a better price for producers in third world countries and also stringent environmental practices (FLO ID: 21478).

Tasting Notes
A balanced medium dark roast, exhibiting forest fruits. In milk, rich raisin toned chocolate.